Field Management

Online-Research and Online Access Panel

marketmind conducts more than 140,000 online interviews in approximately 25 languages per year. We program online questionnaires even in Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Corean.


For the Austrian market, we have built an effective consumer online access panel together with a partner in recent years. We complement our partner´s panel specifically with respondents from our own offline databases. These respondents are exclusively available for marketmind surveys.


For this reason, we are not only seemingly representative, like many of our competitors, in whose panels for instance older panelists show response patterns which are absolutely atypical of their generations or the proportion of smart shoppers is highly overrepresented. We, by contrast, are also approaching the “true“ Austrian population in terms of psychographics.

Where projects and target groups involve special challenges, we perform so-called “hybrid studies“. In these cases, we combine the strengths of our panel with the strengths of our staff of interviewers and achieve a maximum degree of representativeness by linking CAWI with CAPI.

If you want to know what “open your mind for more“ means to us in online research, please consult Dr. Christian Bosch. You will be surprised.

High-End Staff of Interviewers and Mystery Testers

marketmind boasts a field department with 3 university graduates (Selda Smajic, Edi Sulejmanovic, Raquel Herrero) and a staff of approx. 700 interviewers and mystery testers. This enables us to meet all requirements for large consumer samples from qualitative studies to highly professional B2B interviews all over Austria. At present, our mystery shopping projects are covering 9 European countries (international mystery shopping team, no use of subcontractors).

In order to live up to our own high quality standard, our interviewers and mystery testers go through a multi-stage training programme focusing on diverse methods of gathering data An optimised monitoring system – which goes far beyond the ESOMAR standards and ISO norms – guarantees that the data with which we work conforms to our clients´ premium standards.


If you want to learn more about our Total Quality Management in the case of face-to-face, please contact Dr. Thomas Winder.


Individual Approaches to Collecting Data

The software we use has been developed in-house. It is continuously improved and new possibilities are being added as the diverse requirements of individual projects are accomodated. In an altered form it is also used in our laptop studies (CAPI), and it is applied by our partners in international studies (pack&go suitability). The software offers the market research team well-nigh unlimited possibilities when implementing customised approaches to collecting data.

Data Diligence

marketmind is committed to uphold the fundamentals of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research). Hence integrity and diligence in handling the data entrusted to us as well as the ethics of our profession form the basis for national and international projects. Moreover, they constitute the pillars of our understanding of the way we work and our view of quality, independently of the mentioned body of regulations.

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