Data Protection and Privacy


Statement of Obligation to Maintain Data Confidentiality according to Art. 15 Datenschutzgesetz (Data Protection Act) 2000
(DSG 2000)

marketmind undertakes to maintain data confidentiality according to the provisions of the data protection act (DSG 2000) in its form applicable at any given time and to comply with the provisions for data protection including the provisions for data security.

marketmind is aware,


  • that the personal data relating to natural and legal persons are subject to special protection and that using such data is only admitted under specified conditions,
  • that it is expressly forbidden to communicate, or to facilitate access to, personal data to unauthorised persons or bodies, 
  • that it is forbidden to use personal data for a purpose different from that which pertains to regular fulfillment of a specific task,
  • that any provisions which may stipulate more far-reaching protection of data are also to be abided by,
  • that violations of this obligation are punished with imprisonment or fines.



Maintenance of Data Diligence According to the ESOMAR       

Verena Priemer, managing director and owner is a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research). Therefore marketmind is committed to uphold the fundamentals of this institution. Hence integrity and diligence in handling data as well as the ethics of our profession form the basis for national and international projects. Moreover, they constitute the pillars of our understanding of the way we work and our view of quality, independently of the mentioned body of regulations.


“As an ESOMAR Member, I comply with the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.” - Verena Priemer, Managing Director and owner of marketmind 


Collection of Data

marketmind conducts surveys for the exclusive purpose of market research. We guarantee that marketmind does not conduct any surveys with the explicit or implicit intention of advertising, selling, or eliciting orders. When collecting personal information from respondents, marketmind shall ensure that respondents are aware of the purpose of the collection and of any quality control activity involving re-contact.

Use of Data

marketmind guarantees that personal information collected and held in accordance with the ESOMAR code shall be collected only for specified research purposes and not used in any manner incompatible with these purposes. The data shall only be used in the context of the specific market research project and shall not be used in any subsequent surveys. We assume full responsibility for ensuring that personal information is preserved no longer than is required for the purpose for which the information was collected or further processed.


We abide by the chief principle that respondents´ personal identity is withheld from the client. The responses supplied by all respondents participating in the project are gathered by marketmind, categorised according to personal attributes, among others, and processed into anonymous statistics. This is the reason why we inquire about statistical information about your person. marketmind communicates the information collected in the course of the market research project to the client exclusively in an anonymous form (e.g. in the form of tables, charts, lists, reports).

marketmind will only communicate a respondent´s identifiable personal information to the client under the following conditions:

  • national provisions do not require any stricter regulations
  • the respondent has expressly desired that the information be passed on to the client and/or 
  • the respondents have given their explicit consent and 
  • based on the understanding that no commercial activity will be directed at them as a direct result of their having provided the information.

Security of Processing

marketmind shall employ adequate security measures in order to prevent unauthorised access, manipulation or disclosure of the personal data. If personal data are transferred to third parties, it shall be established that these third parties employ at least an equivalent level of security measures.

Your Rights as Respondent

We contact respondents exlusively for purposes of market research. As respondent you are entitled to decline participating in the market research project or to withdraw from the market research interview at any time. If you want to opt out of receiving invitations for participating in market research surveys, you can do so at any time by means of the “opt out” function included in the e-mail or you can send an appropriate message to

If you should have participated as respondent in a study by marketmind, we would like to thank you for your participation and your trust in our work! By supplying information, you make an active contribution to optimising products and services for you as client and consumer.


Our postal address reads as follows:


marketmind GmbH

Porzellangasse 32
A -1090 Vienna


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