Jan-Michael Bussmann, MSc

Mind, body and soul – and maximum competence
After having changed his professional focus from physiotherapy to the more intellectual field of psychology, Jan-Michael Bussmann – usually only called by his nickname “Mic” – absolved his Master studies in this subject at the Sigmund-Freund-University in Vienna. Today, as Research Consultant at marketmind, he is an expert for brand and advertising controlling, for the measurement of the customers’ willingness to recommend via NPS tracking as well as for studies on customer satisfaction and segmentations.

His affinity towards data and statistics can almost be described as a passion. Jan-Michael Bussmann adores his numbers and manages to keep track of them, even if they appear in large quantities. His analytical skills perfectly match his ambitions in this regard: Jan-Michael Bussmann likes to uncover – everything and everyone.

Individual language culture
Keeping the differences of the German and the Austrian point of view in mind, we are not sure if we should believe Jan-Michael Bussmann when he refers to his home town Gladbeck in the Ruhr area as a tiny village. Of course, everything is relative and the perception of size and scale in Austria is obviously different as well. So is the language.

Jan-Michael Bussmann considers the misuse of expressions as a special feature of his geographic origin. His wordplay is both convincing and surprising – using his exceptional entertaining skills, he spreads his enthusiasm across the whole team. His attitude? Optimistic! “Das löppt“, he likes to say – which, according to his explanation, means “that will work out”.

Catalyst for communication
Jan-Michael Bussmann likes people and their company, cultivates both old and new friendships and is committed to connect his friends and acquaintances among each other and to stimulate any kind of communication – via jointly practiced sporty training units, for instance.

The psychologist residing inside Jan-Michael Bussmann likes to ask questions, also the unpleasant ones, in a very diplomatic way. Or you could also say: with a lot of charm. He likes to conduct meaningful conversations – his disposition towards this becomes apparent through his sympathetic ear for the concerns of his fellows.

Sports is … statistics
Always team oriented, Jan-Michael Bussmann has established throwing garbage towards the direction of the trash bin as a kind of office sport. Considering his working schedule and that his ambition often makes him sit in the office until late evenings, this can be seen as a practical opportunity for physical activity.

However, there are certain times where he is definitely not in the office: Between September and January, Jan-Michael Bussmann uses every Sunday evening to absorb the American Football season with all his emotions and to statistically analyse the games. Football, in the Non-American-version, is also something that Jan-Michael Bussmann actively practices – preferably with marketmind colleagues.

Jan-Michael Bussmann claims that not everything he says should be taken seriously. However, we find new reasons everyday (particularly in a statistical context) to attach great relevance to his statements.


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